Is buying contacts online safe?

Is buying contacts online safe?

Millions of people rely on contact lenses every day to see clearly. Buying your contacts online offers many benefits, including convenience, it’s economic, and saves time. But you may be wondering, ‘is buying contacts online safe?’ Fortunately, the experts at ContactsDirect are here to help alleviate your concerns.

How to get contacts online

Getting contacts online is extremely safe and easy. Go to our online shop and choose the best contact lens type for your needs. ContactsDirect already offers the same name brands you can find in stores, delivered right to your door. We take every precaution to ensure that your delivery is handled safely, from placing your order to when they’re delivered to your home.

Do you need prescription to buy contacts online?

You’re probably thinking, “I need a prescription to order the lenses from my eye doctor, but do I need a prescription to order contacts online?” According to US law, you need a valid prescription to purchase contacts written by an authorized ophthalmologist or optometrist. Trusted retailers will validate your prescription. If an online shop does not require a valid prescription, best to stay away and not risk your eye health.

Is it safe to order contacts online?

Is it safe to buy contacts online when I don’t know the provider? Regarding safety, you should stick with online providers that your doctor recommends or that you know and trust. At ContactsDirect, our vertically integrated supply chain allows full visibility of the manufacturing and distribution process. When our products leave our suppliers and our factory, they do so in the safest, cleanest manner. They are then extensively checked, packed, and shipped by carefully trained staff. According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus cannot be transmitted through packages. The virus propagates through droplets of biological fluid. Scientific knowledge shows that viruses have extremely poor resistance to the environment, particularly after traveling in different conditions and temperatures.

What about the delivery? Because of ContactsDirect stringent guidelines in sterilization and cleanliness, you can have your contacts delivered safely at home. At Contacts Direct, we have one of the widest selections of contact lenses online, so you’re sure to find your favorite name brand prescribed by your doctor.

Is buying contacts online cheaper?

You may find that contact lenses cost less when buying online, and ordering through an online provider is more convenient! At ContactsDirect, we offer annual supply discounts, welcome most vision benefits, and free shipping to your door which not only saves money but saves time.

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