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Contacts Solutions & Eye Drops

Proper contact lens care is critical to your vision and health. Buying contact lens solution and eye drops from Contacts Direct ensures you’re getting a quality brand from a trusted source. From Clear Care Plus to OPTI-FREE PureMoist, we have the contact lens solutions to fit your needs. Contacts Direct also offers a variety of rewetting drops designed to increase comfort and keep your eyes and lenses hydrated. Have questions about contact solution? Call our experienced team today.

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Which solution is best for contact lenses?

The best contact lens solutions are Clear Care Plus, Opti-Free Pure Moist, and Systane. It always depends on your needs. Please consult a doctor before purchasing your next lens solutions.

How long does contact lens solutions last?

It depends on the suggested replacement schedule of the contacts. Using contact solutions according to the schedule prescribed or recommended by your eyecare professional will help prevent eye infections and keep your eyes healthy. Check your contact lens case every month, and discard solutions older than 30 days. Also, check with the manufacturer of your contact lenses for any additional instructions regarding replacing your contact lens case and solution.

Can I use any solution for contact lenses?

No, only solutions that are designed especially for contact lenses should be used. These solutions are formulated to provide the correct amount of moisture and disinfect and clean the lenses. By not doing so, you could damage your eyes.

Is it bad to switch contact solutions?

No, if it is recommended by your eye doctor. For maintaining healthy eyes it is essential to never mix different brands or types of contact solutions. Always follow the directions on the back of the solution bottle.

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