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Take our online vision assessment and renew your prescription from the comfort of your home, for only $29.99.

How it works

Step 1

Log In

If you haven’t already, you’ll have to login before starting our online vision assessment.

If you haven’t already, you’ll have to login before starting our online vision assessment.
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Step 2

Are you eligible?

We’ll ask for some quick personal and health info, just to make sure you’re eligible for our online vision assessment.

Step 3

Your current prescription

Enter your current contact lenses prescription so the doctor knows what needs renewing. Make sure you have your paper prescription to hand.

Step 4

Redness check

Then we’ll need a couple of pictures of your eyes so that the team of Licensed Optometrist can determine if there’s any irritation.

Step 5

Vision test

A simple eye test will determine how you see in your current contacts as you stand 5 feet from your device and say letters out loud.

What you’ll need

A smartphone or computer

With a camera and microphone.

5 feet of space

You’ll need to stand 5 feet from your device.

Driver license or credit card

To calibrate your screen for the exam.

Your current prescription

Either from your paper prescription or contact lens box.

Ready to start your online vision assessment?

It will only take about 10 minutes and then you’ll have a new prescription in 1-2 business days. Are you ready to start?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real vision test? Or just an online quiz?

It’s a real vision test and your results are reviewed by a board-certified ophthalmologist licensed in your state. If appropriate, they’ll issue you a valid prescription you can use to buy contact lenses anywhere in the United States. It does not take the place of a regular comprehensive vision test.

Does a real eye doctor review my exam?

Yes! The results of your exam will be reviewed by a board-certified ophthalmologist licensed in your state and they will issue your prescription if everything looks good.

What do I need to take an exam/renew my prescription?

You will need a smartphone or computer with a webcam and microphone. A well-lit, quiet area with 10 feet of space for the vision test. You will also need to be wearing your current contact lenses and have your current contact lens prescription parameters handy.

Is this the same thing as a comprehensive vision test?

No, the online vision assessment only looks at how well you can see, not the health of your eye. If your eyes are otherwise healthy, you should still see your eye care provider regularly for a comprehensive vision test.

Why do I have to give you so many permissions on my phone/browser?

Telehealth services are only available in certain states, so we need to verify your location. The online vision assessment requires microphone access so the doctor can hear a recording of you reading the eye chart. And we need camera access to send the doctor images of your eyes so he/she can check for redness. All information collected is protected under HIPAA regulations.

Do I need to wear my contacts during the online vision test?

Yes. You will be asked to read some letters on a digital eye chart as part of the exam. This helps the doctor know if your current prescription is still providing you with clear, accurate vision.

Do I need the parameters/details of my current prescription?

Yes. Because this is a prescription renewal service, the doctors need to know what prescription to renew. You can find your parameters on your contact lens box.

What if my prescription has expired?

That’s what our online vision assessment is here for! After taking the exam a licensed ophthalmologist will review your results and renew your prescription.

What if I want to try a new brand of contacts?

The doctor who renews your prescription will also write additional prescriptions for different contact lens brands that work with your parameters so you can see if you like something better.

Is the vision test available in my state?

Eligible in your state
Not eligible in your state