How to Order Contacts online at Contacts Direct

We're dedicated to making everything you do with us simpler. So it's no surprise we've made ordering new contact lenses easier than ever, with or without vision benefits. And now, you can shop your way, every day—with or without vision insurance!

1. Web: Easy ordering online! Place your own order with or without In-Network Benefits. See below how to use Out-of Network benefits.

a. Register: Create an account for yourself and add additional family members to your account. You can manage everyone from one account!

b. Apply: Remember to check the box in your registration to apply your vision insurance to your account. Need help with out-of-network insurance? Visit how to use vision insurance online. Additionally, you can Live Chat or Call us and we can help use your Out-of-Network benefits.

c. Choose: Select your prescribed contacts from our large selection of popular brands and input your prescription information

d. Check Out: Fill in your shipping and billing information and select your payment method.

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2. Call Center

a. Call us at 1-844-5-LENSES (1-844-553-6737)

b. Use either In-Network, or Out of Network (VSP, Davis, etc.) Benefits

3. Live Chat

a. Easy ordering from our friendly call center staff

b. Use either In-Network or Out of Network (VSP, Davis) Benefits

c. Use the link to the right to start a Live Chat now!

LiveChatLive Chat - Customer Support
Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST
Monday - Friday

Or call us at 1-844-252-8414

What You'll Need to Order Contact Lenses from ContactsDirect

To get started, make sure you have:

  • A valid contact lens prescription: most contact lens prescriptions are valid for 12 months. Make sure the prescription (Rx) you are trying to shop with is valid. We cannot place orders for expired Rx.
  • The name and contact information of your eye doctor for our verification purposes. By law, we must validate the Rx of any order placed on our site. We’ll contact your doctor on your behalf to meet this requirement.After you've gathered this information, you're ready to order.

Understanding your Rx

Your contact lens prescription contains specific information about the corrective power required to help you see clearly. You'll need to provide us with your prescription information when you order your contacts so we can send you exactly what you need. Below is an example of a typical lens prescription: If you have any questions regarding your prescription or need to clarify the information contained within, contact your eye doctor. We cannot provide advice about your prescription, corrective requirements, or which lenses are best for you.

An example of a typical lens prescription

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