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Optima contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb are time-tested. Made using a patented Reverse Process III technology, the resulting contacts stay centralized on the eye and provide excellent vision and comfort for up to one year of wear. The Optima 38/SP has been a leading contact lens for over 10 years. Learn why when you order yours today!

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Optima 38/SP
$50.99 per box
$50.99 per box
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What is Optima lens?

Optima lenses are yearly disposable contact lenses that provide excellent vision and comfort. Every Optima 30/SP box comes with two pairs of soft contact lenses.

How long can you wear Bausch and Lomb Optima 38?

From 12 to 14 hours a day on an year bases. Optima 38 are yearly disposable contact lenses, creted for having a great comfort and significant money saving.

Are Optima 38 yearly contact lenses?

Yes, Optima 38 are yearly contact lenses, designed to be worn for 365 days 12-14 hours a day.

Does ContactsDirect sell name brand contact lenses?

No, but we do offer contact lenses from all of the major brands like Acuvue®Soflens®Air OptixOptima®Proclear®Dailies® and Biomedics® as well as specialized lenses such as toriccoloredmultifocal and daily disposable contact lenses.

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