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About Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

The ultimate contact lenses for convenience, daily disposables are designed to be worn for a day and replaced the next. There's no cleaning or maintenance involved and daily disposable contact lenses allow your eyes to be healthier and more comfortable, since there's less opportunity for protein or calcium buildup to form on lenses.

While daily disposable contact lenses can be more costly than those that are replaced less often, it often depends on the brand and lens material. With ContactsDirect, you can save even more with Annual Supply discounts (up to $100!), which are instant and don't require rebates like most other contact lens suppliers.

ContactsDirect also offers a wide array of daily disposable contact lenses to shop and free shipping on every order. You can also use your vision benefits online to further reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Don't wait! Experience the ContactsDirect difference today.