Are costume contact lenses safe?

Are costume contact lenses safe?

Around Halloween, scary costumes and spooky decorations become a common sight. A more popular costume trend in recent years has been decorative contacts. Don't drop your candy out of your hand when you see devil or zombie contact lenses at your doorstep during Trick-or-Treat. Decorative or cosmetic contact lenses have become so popular that entire websites are dedicated to Halloween-style lenses. But are Halloween contacts safe?

While this might seem like fun and games, wearing decorative contact lenses that have not been approved by an eye care provider carry serious ramifications. According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement warning to consumers, dangerous counterfeit contact lenses and unapproved decorative contact lenses illegally sold at retail outlets and online stores could potentially harm the eyes.

How long can you wear Halloween contacts?

According to the FDA, studies conducted by optometrists have revealed that 11 percent of consumers have worn decorative contact lenses. Many purchased them without a prescription, and 59 percent of people using disposable contact lenses wear them for longer than recommended. Generally, most decorative contact lenses approved by FDA can be worn for only one night.

If you or your kids are considering decorative contact lenses, it would be wise to consider the potential risks and damage to your eyes, which could cause a fright.

Risks of wearing Halloween contact lenses

You’re getting your cosplay costume ready for the next convention and found the perfect pair of lenses online. You wonder, are cosplay contacts safe? Wearing decorative contacts without a prescription or incorrectly can lead to more than just watery eyes. You risk negative consequences to your eye health. From red, watery eyes to scratches or tears to the top layer of your eye, called Corneal Abrasion, all lead to infection, reduced vision, and even blindness.

If you wear any type of contact lens, be aware of the symptoms of infection, such as redness, pain in one or both eyes that does not go away, and reduced vision. An eye doctor should be consulted as soon as possible if you experience these symptoms. If left untreated, an eye infection can lead to vision loss.

Where to buy Halloween contacts?

Are you looking for Halloween contact lenses that are safe for use? You can find them on several different sites. But make sure that the company sells contact lenses that are FDA approved.

Never buy contact lenses from a street seller, beauty supply store, flea market, novelty or Halloween store, or unidentified internet distributors. They may be contaminated and/or counterfeit, making them unsafe to use.

Contact lenses cannot be purchased without a prescription, even though you can find non-prescription lenses on the market. Protect your eyes by getting an eye exam and ordering contact lenses from a legitimate source with a prescription.

Can you buy costume contacts without a prescription?

All contact lenses, including decorative contact lenses for Halloween, must be purchased with a valid prescription from an eye care professional. Not going to an eye doctor to acquire a prescription means your contact lenses may not fit correctly or perform effectively. They may even cause damage to your eyes. Even if you don't feel any discomfort right now, the lenses could still harm your eyes, causing problems in the future. Lessen the risk of undiscovered eye damage by having frequent eye exams and purchasing contact lenses with a proper prescription.

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