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Why are my eyes watery with contacts

Why are my eyes watery with contacts

If you wear contacts, chances are you’ve experienced a watery, burning sensation in your eyes on more than one occasion. While very common, it can be extremely uncomfortable, and can have a host of different causes, from irritants to allergies. Fortunately, once the cause is determined, it’s fairly easily rectified.

  1. Your contacts are dirty - Dirty lenses are by far the most common reason your eyes are watery after inserting your contacts. Dust, pollen, an eyelash or makeup residue can get stuck to your lens and irritate your eye. If you feel any watery or burning sensation after putting in your contacts, you should remove them immediately. Try thoroughly rinsing them with saline, and if they’re still bothering you, try a new lens.
  2. You didn’t wash your hands properly - While washing your hands before inserting your contact lenses is highly encouraged, you need to be sure you do it right! Even the slightest soap residue on your fingers can cause real irritation to your eyes leaving them watery and red. Try washing your hands again, and be sure to get all that soap off before reinserting your contacts.
  3. You’re having an adverse reaction to your contact solution - Sensitivity to contact solution can develop seemingly overnight, even if you’ve been using the same brand for years. This will cause your eyes to react, leaving them watery and uncomfortable. Try a different solution made for sensitive eyes, and speak to your optometrist if it keeps happening.
  4. You have allergies - Spring and fall are particularly difficult for people who wear contacts, because their allergies can be further aggravated by their lenses. Pollen, dust and other irritants can be trapped by contact lenses, and kept from being flushed naturally by blinking. But it doesn’t have to be due to the seasons. It can be as simple as moving into new housing, a friend with a new pet, or starting a new job.
  5. You have an eye infection - Watery, burning eyes may be an indicator of an eye infection. While there are many different types of eye infections that range in severity, they should all be considered serious, and you should get them checked out immediately.
  6. Your contacts don’t fit - Eyes are very sensitive, and if your contacts don’t fit, they can cause some major issues. Contacts that are too small can restrict the oxygen flow in and out of your cornea. If your contacts are too big, they can move with every blink, further irritating your eye.
  7. Your contacts are damaged - Even if you can’t see it, a damaged contact lens can irritate your eye. Even the smallest impurity will leave your eyes watery and uncomfortable. If you suspect your contact is damaged, it’s best to just throw it away and get a new one.

Watery, irritated eyes are extremely unpleasant to deal with. More often than not, most contact problems are simply due to an improper fit, damaged lenses, or an adverse reaction to your contact solution. If your eyes become watery, itchy, or burn when you put in lenses, the best solution is to try rinsing them again, rewashing your hands, and if necessary, getting a new set.

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