Can you wear colored contacts over regular contacts?

Can you wear colored contacts over regular contacts?

Colored contact lenses can be an aesthetically interesting alternative to traditional contact lenses. These kinds of lenses are designed to completely change or intensify the natural color of the eye and are available to fit most kinds of prescriptions for vision correction. There is a wide selection of colored contacts available on the market that are designed to achieve the specific aesthetic appeal you are trying to achieve, as well as correct your vision, so that wearing colored contacts doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the clarity of vision that your traditional prescription contacts provide you.

But what if you have astigmatism? Can you get colored contacts with astigmatism? Yes! Although there are not many options for people with astigmatism.

Of course, sometimes people use colored contact lenses only for Halloween or Cosplay costumes to change eye color, and do not actually need them to correct their vision. Regardless, just as with non-colored contacts, to buy colored contacts that are safe for you to use, you still need a prescription from your eye doctor.

Wearing colored contacts over prescription contacts

When buying any type of contact lens, remember: contacts are considered by the FDA to be medical devices, and require a prescription from a medical professional for purchase, even if you don’t need to wear contacts for vision correction!

It can be risky to buy contact lenses from vendors without a prescription, since they can cut or scratch your eyes if they don’t fit right. This can lead to eye infections or even worse, corneal ulcers or loss of vision. The safe alternative would be to consider buying colored contacts readily available from many major brands, such as Air Optix Colors or Dailies Colors, since they are produced to fit your eyes, and won’t do any damage to your eyes.

Can you layer contacts?

What if you’ve already bought non-prescription colored contact lenses? Can you wear those lenses over your prescription lenses? No! You should never wear colored contact lenses over normal contact lenses and should never layer your contact lenses in general. The lenses are designed to rest on the surface of your eyes, based on the shape of your eyes, so if the lenses are layered, they won’t remain fixed in place.

That’s how the lenses work -- they’re made to be the right size to fit over your eye as it is and stay in place over your corneas. What's more, they won’t function properly when it comes to correcting your vision, will restrict the flow of oxygen that reaches your eyes and would feel too thick to be comfortable to wear. Most likely, the top lenses would keep falling out of place, and you would have to continually maneuver your lenses back into place. Instead, get a pair of colored contact lenses online that fit your lens prescription, and save yourself time, money and most importantly, the health of your eyes!

You can order colored contact lenses online through ContactsDirect, just insert your prescription information and you can even use your insurance when you go to pay!

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