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Can you wear contacts straight from the package?

Contacts Care

structure image Can you wear contacts straight from the package?


Wearing contacts straight from the package: yes or no?

The solution that the lenses are shipped in serves a dual purpose: it guarantees both the quality and safety of the lenses. Generally, extremely porous plastics called silicone hydrogels are the main contact lens materials used in the market today. Their water absorbency is what makes them so flexible and comfortable, while helping to maintain the integrity of the lenses.

The saline solution is also vital for making sure that the lenses are still sterile by the time that they get to you, eliminating any microbes that may have found their way onto the lenses during production, even though they are made in a controlled environment. The sealed plastic packaging works to make sure that no new microorganisms come into contact with the lenses and infect them before you begin wearing them.

The solution that the lenses are delivered in is made to be compatible with the surface of your eyes so that you don’t need to rinse them in additional solution before putting them in your eyes. If the packaging containing the contact lenses is intact, the lenses are safe for you to put in your eyes directly from the packaging.

That said, if you have sensitive eyes and are prone to eye irritation, some doctors recommend rinsing the contacts in additional saline solution anyway, since this can make eye irritation less likely.

Can you wear daily contacts straight from the package?

Part of the convenience of wearing daily disposable contact lenses is that they don’t require any maintenance to use them. What’s more, contact lenses approved for extended wear may not be an option for everyone. Consult with your OD to see if these are the best option for you, and you can order daily contact lenses online and have them delivered directly to your home safe and ready for wear. The best part about daily contact lenses is that they can be disposed of at the end of the day, as you’re getting ready for bed, limiting the need for extensive use of lens care products since you don’t need to clean and store them overnight.

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh pair of contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are already delivered in sterile solution, so you don’t have to think twice about putting them in straight from the packaging. You can restock your supply of contact lenses by ordering your contact lenses online and have them mailed right to your doorstep, so that you always have a fresh pair on hand when you need them.