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What does a torn contact lens look like and feel like?

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structure image What does a torn contact lens look like and feel like?


At one point or another, you are bound to wind up with a torn contact lens. Tears are fairly common in contact lenses, especially in soft contact lenses for extended wear, such as biweekly and monthly contacts, and among those who haven’t been wearing contacts for very long. Because contact lenses are more likely to tear the longer they are used, it’s important to replace them according to your doctor’s recommendations.

Once the contact lens tears, it’s not safe to continue wearing. The jagged edges along the tear can create small scratches on your corneas, which can give rise to infection. The tear of the lens will also inhibit the lens’ ability to stay fixed in place on your eye, meaning that it is more likely to fall out of place or even get your contact lens stuck in the eye.

If you are wearing a torn contact lens, carefully remove it by first relubricating the lens to make sure none of it gets left behind on the eye. Make sure you try to remove the lens by trying to slide the larger section of the tear out of your eye.

What does a torn contact feel like?

Depending on the tear, you may or may not be able to feel a difference when wearing a ripped lens. However, even though you may not be able to feel the difference, it is not safe for your eyes to wear ripped lenses. What happens if you wear a ripped contact? The edges of the tear can cause small abrasions on the cornea.

What does a torn contact lens look like?

If you suspect a tear in one of your contact lenses, place it on your fingertip with the edges pointing up and bring it eye-level. Inspect it carefully for any edges that are not uniform or any cracks or tears on the dome of the lens. If you spot any of these irregularities on the lens, throw it away and break out a fresh one. Through ContactsDirect, you can order contacts online with insurance, making it easy to restock your supply of lenses.

Can you fix a ripped contact lens?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to learn how to fix a ripped contact lens once they have been ripped. The only thing you can do is simply toss the ripped lenses and replace them with a fresh pair. Take care to avoid ripping your fresh lenses as you go to put them on.

Why do my contacts keep ripping?

Some types of contact lenses are more likely to rip than others. Buy contacts online to stock up on lenses and make sure you never end up without a replacement pair. If you notice that torn contact lenses are becoming a recurring issue for you, speak with your doctor about switching up the type of lens you use.

In the meantime, here are some tips to help you avoid ripping your contact lenses:

  • Don’t use your fingernails if you don’t have to – One of the common practices that leads to tearing contacts is managing the lenses with your fingernails. Try to use the pads of your fingers as much as you can when putting on and taking out the lenses.
  • Don’t let the lenses dry out – As the lenses lose their moisture, they become more susceptible to damage. To keep them from drying out, always store them in contact solution, and consider using rewetting drops while you wear them.
  • Don’t squeeze them too tightly – When handling the lenses, or testing to make sure that the lenses aren’t inside out, make sure that you don’t squeeze the lenses too tightly between your fingers, as this can cause a tear in the dome of the lens.