Think you’ve found a better price from one of our competitors? We’ll beat it, and here’s how:
  1. Call us at 1-844-5-LENSES
  2. Tell us all about the deal you found
  3. We’ll verify it, then beat it as quickly as possible
Terms & Conditions
  • We will ONLY price match from the following Authorized Resellers:

    • 1800 Contacts
    • Walgreens
    • Coastal
    • Walmart Contacts
    • Costco
  • We will NOT price match from any membership club EXCEPT Costco. When price matching with Costco, you will need to show your Membership ID.
  • Product must be the exact brand.
  • Contact lenses must be in stock with the discount price currently advertised on the competitor’s site.
  • The price considered is the TOTAL price (including minimum purchase quantities, processing fees, shipping charges, handling fees, Rx verification fees, transnational fees, and any other charges that may apply).
  • Price-matched products are not eligible for additional special offers on our site.
  • We must compare the competitor’s total price against our price with any current promotions applied. If our price after promotions is less than the competitor’s total price, we will not price match.
  • We do not match other website promo code offers.
  • We do not match shipping costs or shipping promotions from other websites. You can offer free standard shipping for all price match orders.
  • We only beat prices on contact lenses.
  • The contacts must be identical, obviously.
  • The contacts must be in stock with the price publicly visible.
  • The price considered will be the total price (including minimum purchase requirements, shipping charges, and any other sneaky charges they may try to hide from you).
  • Discount does not apply to international retailers.
  • Make your claim within seven days of purchase.
  • All discounting is at the sole discretion of ContactsDirect and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.