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ContactsDirect is a Proud EyeMed In-Network provider

We make it easy to apply your vision allowance right in your cart. And, ContactsDirect can provide
an annual supply of Acuvue contacts at no out of pocket cost when you are applying benefits!

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After you've added your contacts to your shopping cart, it's literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you verify your eligibility, you will see your insurance allowance applied along with your J&J discount, and together they will result in $0 out-of-pocket with the purchase of an Acuvue annual supply product.

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Browse Acuvue contacts using the tabs above or the search bar, enter your prescription and add them to cart.

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Use your insurance information to gain access to your benefits eligibility.


You will see your vision benefits apply, as well as J&J discount, making your Out of Pocket cost $0.

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