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The Importance of UV Protection Year Round for Contact Lens Wearers
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The importance of UV protection year round for contact lens wearers

November 18, 2016 by Rachel K.

The importance of UV protection year round for contact lens wearers

It's easy to think you only need to worry about ultraviolet (UV) protection for your eyes during the summer months. However, in reality this is something that you should take care of and be aware of year round. It's also common to only associate UV protection with protecting your skin, but many individuals don't realize that eyes are also vulnerable to damage from harmful UV rays. Luckily, there are special types of contact lenses to help protect your eyes from these dangerous rays.

Year round eye protection is doctor recommended

It is recommended by doctors to protect your eyes from the sun throughout the entire year and not just during the summer months. The areas of the eye that are most likely to be damaged are the cornea, retina, and the lens. While your eyes can handle some exposure, direct and long amounts exposure can be quite harmful.

UV rays can cause long-term damage to eyes, too

Just like exposure to bad UV rays can cause burns and damage to the skin, your eyes can experience sunburn as well from small amounts of exposure that is known as photokeratitis. The side effects of photokeratitis include irritation and painful sensations in your eyes for a short period of time.

Meanwhile, your eyes are also susceptible to long-term UV damage. This type of damage can lead to cataracts; an eye issue that no one wants to deal with. The sun shines all year long, so no matter what the season is you want to take precaution.

The fun part of eye protection: sunglasses!

Now that you understand the harm that UV rays can cause to your eyes, you may be wondering how to protect yourself and fortunately the answer is quite simple and fun! The best way to protect your eyes from UV rays is by wearing plano sunglasses, or sunglasses without prescription because your contact lenses take care of the prescription aspect.

There are thousands of attractive and stylish sunglasses to choose from, so all you need to do is find a pair that you love and remember to wear them whenever you are in the sun. Not sure where to find the perfect pair of shades?

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UV protection is a yearlong issue, so always remember to bring along your sunglasses wherever you go.