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How to Use Your FSA Dollars

October 23, 2017

How to Use Your FSA Dollars

Need to Know: Using your Insurance Benefits and FSA Dollars

October has arrived, which means the end of the year is rapidly approaching. As you begin to wrap up the year and prepare for the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget to keep up- to-date on the status of your vision insurance benefits and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars. As the end of the year approaches, here at, we do our best to make sure our website and call centers are fully monitored and staffed in order to answer any possible questions or concerns surrounding your leftover FSA dollars and insurance benefits—including how to use them. However, now is a good time to beat the rush and take care of those questions.

Using your vision insurance benefits at ContactsDirect

ContactsDirect is an in-network provider for vision benefit companies like Anthem and EyeMed, which allows you to take advantage of more of your insurance dollars. What is the difference between in and out of network? In-network refers to the type of relationship your insurance company has with a retail provider. In-network contracts typically provide larger vision benefit allowances than out-of- network. Most times there is somewhere around a 20% increase to the benefits offered on in-network plans. An example would be: using an in-network provider might save you up to $50 on vision care and vision care supplies. Using an out-of- network provider typically means that, while you are able to use some benefits, you are usually unable to use your maximum benefits, thus leaving some money on the table. Using ContactsDirect as an in-network provider will not only save you money, but it saves you time as well. After you’ve made a purchase on our website and we’ve verified your insurance benefits, ContactsDirect will take it from there. Not only will we take care of filing all insurance claims, but we won’t make you wait for a reimbursement. Your vision insurance allowance will be treated like cash in the cart. How does it work? Most times, we can find out if you have in-network benefits with 3 simple pieces of information: your birthdate, last name and zip code. Should you have a popular last name, simply enter in your vision insurance member ID and Group Number (from your insurance card) and we’ll apply your available allowance in the cart for you. We will even ship out your order free of charge. We will ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible.

Using Flexible Spending Account FSA dollars

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars is a specialty benefit offered by many employers that takes pre-determined deductions from your paycheck and deposits them into a special bank account that you can use to purchase certain medically necessary items. For example, FSA dollars can be used on co-pays for visits to the doctor and dentist, or could be put towards prescription medications, co-pays, deductibles, and even prescription eyewear like glasses and contacts. The catch with FSA dollars is that they are only good for a designated period of time—normally a calendar year. Unfortunately, whatever money is left unused at the end of that calendar year is usually forfeited and cannot be refunded. While some insurance plans allow you to transfer over some of your FSA dollars to the following plan year, they typically don’t let you transfer over the full leftover amount. Most insurance plans have a maximum amount of money that they will let you transfer over to the next plan year, which is generally a fairly small sum. This is why it is important to “use it or lose it” when it comes to FSA dollars.

Any eyewear offered on ContactsDirect’s website can be purchased using FSA dollars. In the past, some providers were able to take insurance information and FSA dollars through phone transactions. However, ContactsDirect’s website is the first e-commerce site that allows the online use of FSA dollars. Our site is a recognized medical site, so if your FSA dollars are linked to a bank card, like a credit card, it will work just like any other credit card on any of our products. You can use your FSA dollars on top of your vision insurance benefits, which can increase your savings twofold.