Can you put contact solution in your eyes with contacts?

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If you wear contacts, at some point you’ve found yourself questioning whether or not you can put contact solution in your eyes. It generally would make sense. You wash your contacts in it, why shouldn’t you be able to use it as a rinse? Unfortunately, while it may work as a short term solution, it can actually do much more harm than good.

The key to this argument is the difference between saline solution, contact solution and rewetting drops. Unfortunately, many people use ‘contact solution’ as a blanket term to apply to all of them, but they’re distinctly different. Saline solution is a simple PH balanced salt water solution. Its main use is to rinse small particles off of contact lenses or to hydrate your eyes. While this may sound like saline can clean your contacts, it really can’t. It should just be used as a rinse to remove irritants from the surface of the lens. Storing your contacts overnight in saline is also a big mistake. Saline doesn’t clean your lenses like disinfecting contact solution, so you leave yourself open to possible eye infections, microorganisms and other irritations.

Contact lens solution, on the other hand, does the opposite. It’s primary usage is to clean lenses of daily buildup of germs and other particles, and it should not be used to rinse out your eye or lens. Contact lens solutions is essentially saline solution with additional cleaning compounds, however, it’s exactly these cleaning compounds that can damage your eye. They’re designed to break down organic material, and will hurt your eyes if you use it as a rinse. This is all because of how it interacts with your eye. The Tear Film in your eye is made up of three layers: the oil layer on the exterior, the middle watery layer, and interior mucus layer. The middle water layer and the inner mucus layer are responsible for keeping your eye hydrated, while the outer oil layer keeps the moisture from evaporating. Contact lens solution does not have that oil component. In fact, it’s designed to clean and break down materials such as that oil to keep your lens clean. If you use contact lens solution as a rewetting drop, you’re actually harming your tear film, which in turn will dry out and irritate your eye.

Rewetting drops, however, are the ideal drop to use while wearing contacts. They’re formulated to hydrate your eye, and keep your eye hydrated for longer by bolstering your tear film. If you’re suffering from dry eyes or irritation, the best solution is a lubricating or rewetting drop.

At Contacts Direct, we have all the best solutions to keep your eyes happy. Proper contact lens care is key to maintaining your vision and eye health. Be sure you use the right solution for the situation, such as rewetting drop, lubricating drops and more. Visit our website today to learn more!

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