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Blue light contacts or blue light glasses over contacts?

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structure image Blue light contacts or blue light glasses over contacts?


We’ve been hearing talk of blue light, and how harmful it can be for our eyes and our health for a while now, but what exactly is “blue light”? Blue light refers to the range of the visible light spectrum that has the highest frequency and energy intensity.

This high energy level can be harmful for the photo-sensitive cells in your eyes, and excessive exposure has been shown to lead to macular degeneration, a condition in which these light-sensitive cells degenerate until vision is completely lost.

The most abundant source of blue light that we are exposed to each day is that of the sun, which is why it is particularly important to protect your eyes when you go outside, especially on bright, sunny days. But we are increasingly exposed to blue light indoors as well. Blue light is also generated by the light of our devices, like computer screens, smartphone screens and tablets, as well as LED lights.

There are many different options you can choose from to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. A good way to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from excessive blue light is wearing blue light glasses or blue light filter contacts. These days, most prescription glasses lenses can be adapted to also filter out blue light. But if wearing glasses isn’t your thing, there are also blue-light filtering contact lenses to help you protect your eyes.

What are blue light blocking contacts?

If you prefer wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, but you are still concerned about the amount of blue light your eyes take in every day, either from being outside or from spending hours in front of a screen, you can order blue light blocking contacts, protecting your eyes without giving up your sense of style.

Blue light contact lenses protect your eyes by filtering out some of the harmful blue light that you are exposed to during the day, both indoors and outdoors, while also protecting your retinas from UV rays. You can order contacts online with insurance easily to restock your contact lens reserves and make sure your eyes are always protected.

Blue light contacts vs blue light glasses with contacts

Blue light contacts are very convenient, since they not only protect your eyes from harmful blue light energy and correct your vision, but they are also nearly imperceptible when you wear them, unlike glasses. But if you’ve already stocked up on contact lenses for a while, and you don’t need to buy new ones, you can still protect your eyes from blue light and strain by wearing non-prescription blue light glasses with your contact lenses.

To keep your eyes healthy, make sure that you are regularly switching to a fresh pair of lenses, according to the recommendations of your doctor and the intended use of the contact lenses. See how long can you wear contacts for before it’s time to break out a new pair.