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Best Contacts for dry eyes

Best Contacts for dry eyes

If you wear contacts, chances are you’ve experienced a watery, burning sensation in your eyes on more than one occasion. While very common, it can be extremely uncomfortable, and can have a host of different causes, from irritants to allergies. Fortunately, once the cause is determined, it’s fairly easily rectified.

  1. Biofinity - Biofinity are designed for monthly wear, so you don’t have to purchase them as frequently. Their material used is designed to retain as much water as possible, keeping your eyes hydrated and happy.
  2. Air Optix Aqua - Air Optix Aqua are perfect for anyone with dry eyes. Designed to allow as much oxygen to flow through them as possible, these contacts will keep your eyes
  3. Hydrogel Extreme H20 - Hydrogel Extreme H20 is just about the best weekly contact out there. Boasting a whopping 54 percent water, they’re as close to water as contacts can be, and are sure to keep your eyes from drying out.
  4. Alcon Dailies Total - Alcon Dailies are truly the best daily contact out there for dry eyes. Focusing on maintaining moisture throughout the day, Alcon’s water gradient technology helps create a shield of moisture over the cornea to keep your eyes feeling fresh.
  5. Dailies AquaComfort Plus - The AquaComfort Plus is the best contact on the market for sensitive eyes. Whether it’s dryness or overall sensitivity, AquaComfort will keep your eyes happy. Their blink activated moisturizing design helps maintain your eyes all day.
  6. Proclear 1-Day - Proclear is particularly designed for dry eyes. Their one day lenses have a 60 percent water content, keeping your eyes moisturized all day long. According to their web site, their lenses retain up to 96 percent of moisture for up to 12 hours
  7. 1 Day Acuvue Moist - The Acuvue Moist is generally considered to be the best choice for dry or sensitive eyes. An excellent all around lens specifically designed to stay in place, they keep your eyes moisturized and fresh all day long.

If you have dry, itchy eyes, you don’t need to suffer through it while wearing contacts. Check out some of our suggestions and see what’s right for you. Everyone’s eyes are different, and what works for one person may not work for another, so experiment with different pairings of contact solutions and lenses.


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