also accepts vision insurance online, making them our friend with benefits. Use your frame benefit at

BENEFITS accepts your
vision insurance, too!

Use Your Frame Benefit with

Did you know that if you have vision benefits to apply to your contact lens purchase, you may also have a frame benefit available for use? Our sister company,, also accepts vision benefits online, making it easy for you to shop for and update your frames as well.

Are your frames so 5 years ago?

Let's be honest: contact wearers sometimes forget to update their glasses, because hey, they're only for backup, right? But should it happen that you have to wear them someday, it's a good idea to have them updated.

With a wide range of styles and top eyewear brands to choose from, you're sure to find a frame that's perfect for you at Then instead of worrying about those frames that are so 5 years ago, you might actually want to wear your glasses -- or at least not be mortified when you do!

Shop for your frames now

So don't wait any longer! Use your frame benefit to update your glasses or sunglasses with new prescription lenses. And just like when you shop with ContactsDirect, you'll also get free shipping on your order. Simply click on the "Shop Now" button below to get started.
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